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We believe that life is better with a plan. We listen to you...we ask you about your short term goals and long term goals and strategize a plan to design your financing around them. Our team takes pride in designing mortgages with comprehensive planning to save you money AND make you money.

Successful real estate investors know that the secret to creating real wealth out of their real estate purchases is to design their mortgages so that they make money from income, equity, and tax relief.

With interest rates at their lowest and a re-amortization of your loan, you can often lower your monthly payment and pull out cash at the same time and reinvest into rentals or rehab, home improvements, or any number of cash needed projects.

Any resulting passive income can either go into your working accounts, or you can use it to apply extra payments to your new mortgage to pay it off sooner. We can show you what either would look like to achieve your financial goals.

We can also refer you to a Tax Counselor who can assist you in utilizing your tax benefits from homeownership.

Our confidence in our Mortgage Planning Program is so strong that we guarantee your satisfaction. During your loan process and following your loan closing we will ask you to tell us how to help you better…what to do to make it even easier…and we hope you will help us assist you in the best way possible.

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